Women’s Empowerment Month 2017

In honor of March being Women’s History Month, we want you to feel beautiful, healthy, and empowered. Cocoa Africana invite’s you to join us at Level 13 lounge for an early evening experience of various features honoring the great woman within, and the many gorgeous and amazing ladies that paved the way for us. Meet us March 3rd, 2017 from 4pm – 8pm.



Chamia LaRae
Audacious I Am
Ann-Marie Daniels

Oasis Art Design
Hathor Jewelry
Ne Ndoro Boutique
Beauty & Brains Tees
Empress Collections

Jayna Blackwell – Playlist

Special Guest:
Ms Glitter Nail Lounge

Live Painter

Live Makeover

Sponsored By:
Level 13, Oasis Art Design, Baykd Nation, Rip Star, All Attractive, Lotus Baseline Alliance, Ne Ndoro Media, Botanical Sorcerers Gallery.


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—- @cocoa.africana


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