Infinite Mosaic Star

Confidence is my cloak.

My assurance comes naturally.

Self love is my theory.

I wear my personal style with pleasure.

Opinionated, and unapologetic.

Trendy, yet trend-less.

A poker face of many expressions.

As a woman I am told to be bold, yet when I am, the same people tell me that my light is too bright.

(True story.)

To the women in the place with style and grace, never changing her authenticity to save face.

Keep your head up.

Tell your reflection that she is beautiful, and the next woman too.

Some may wish to see you fall, but I say sweat in front of them with no regret.

It’s your responsibility to love who you are.

An infinite mosaic star.

Love Always,

Kadesh Carter

Happy Women’s History Month from all of us here at Cocoa Africana.

Make today, tomorrow and forever yours.

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