An Interview With Jaie Hummingbird


CA: What city do you live in and what do you love most about it?

JH: I live in Oakland,Ca. I was born and raised here. What I love the most is our history, and the rich culture, and diversity here. We’re a melting pot of pride.

CA: What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

JH: My favorite thing to do on the weekends, since I work all weekend, I like to go out to some of our delicious restaurants and unwind in the evening by reading and sipping tea.

CA: Describe your creative process.

JH: I pretty much just go with the flow when it comes to creating things. whenever I get the feeling, I just go with it, its better that way for me.

CA: How do you stay organized?

JH: Honestly, Im not really that organized but I’m definitely working on it lol, its a process. 
CA: Tell us about a project you’ve completed that has made you the most proud?

JH: A project I completed that Im proud of are the series of pop up events for my online boutique Purple Hummingbird Boutique that I’m working to have a brick and mortar store within the next 3 years.

CA: What rules, culture, or structure needs to exist to foster team collaboration?

JH: I would say the culture you need to foster great team collaborations would start with having a team of people who share a common passion, have common goals and the shared drive to accomplish those goals. The team must be on the same page and have great communication skills for any successful team collaboration.

CA: What is fashion to you?

JH: Fashion is life! I’ve loved fashion all my life, from the days of playing with barbies and deciding what they would wear with so much care, to the days of designing and creating my entire high school wardrobe and constantly researching as a teen to now, Im a lifetime student of fashion! I love watching runway shows online and discovering new looks daily. FASHION IS MY PASSION.

CA: Do you feel women collaborate enough?

JH: Women don’t collaborate enough! We should all see the bigger picture, if we worked together more instead of as seeing each other s a threat or competition we would get further!

CA: Let us know about your hobbies.

JH: My hobbies are working out, listening to music, reading, traveling and learning new things

CA: How did you hear about Cocoa Africana?

JH: I learned about Cocoa Africana from following Kadesh Carter and I’ve been a fan of her work for years so I had to support her.


Follow Jaie on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and FB under the handle @jaiehummingbird

Her YouTube is


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