ShareCookie GH Fashion – Impeccable Elegance


Sheba T. founder of SharpeCookie GH

SharpeCookie GH is the brainchild of Sheba Tamakloe, a Ghanaian American young lady who thrives on creative expression. She loves celebrating her culture through the world of fashion. SharpeCookie GH gives the world a taste of the exquisite fabric patterns and artistry that come from Ghana, combined with unique and innovative designs that you can mix and match. It is a customizable clothing line, meaning the customers choose the material they want for their design from the unique textile selections on the website. The ShareCookie GH team believes that African fashion is everyday wear, and not just for weddings, or special occasions. Styles range from casual to formal, from dresses to hoodies, from backpacks to gowns. Looks can be described as a fun fusion of casual and formal, combined with impeccable elegance. SharpeCookie celebrates originality!

CA: When did you start designing?
Sheba: As a kid I used to draw outfits for my Barbie’s from time to time. I also had paper dolls (old school!) too that I enjoyed styling. But I launched my current line launched in 2014. With the help of God and some amazing friends, we put on a great show! Check out the highlights here: SharpeCookie GH Launch 2014

CA: What inspires your designs?
Sheba: I get inspired by the shapes and objects I see around me, also vintage clothing from the 30’s and 40’s as well as traditional wear from Ghana. It is primarily a custom African Print clothing And Accessory line with Ready to Wear options as well.

CA: Describe your creative process.
Sheba: Everything starts in my head. Sometimes I think of a normal conventional style and then I figure out how I can put my own twist on it. Or, I’ll think of something totally out of the box that I’ve never seen before. After that I start drawing.

Ankara Branded-0742.jpg

Ankara Branded-0890.jpg
Ankara Branded-0932.jpg

CA: Which celebrity would you like to dress?
Sheba: I would love to style Lupita Nyong’o. She’s so gorgeous and her melanin stays poppin’ on the regular. I think she could really bring my garments to life!

CA: What is the meaning behind your company name?
Sheba: A SharpeCookie is a Sharp dresser with an intelligent sense of style. Someone whose style stands out from the rest. Someone randomly called me that one day and it stuck. 🙂

CA: What sparked your interest in fashion?
Sheba: Every time I’m in Ghana I’m always so excited to see what people are wearing next. The fashion is incredible and very inspiring. I also love beautiful bright colors.

CA: Where do you see the future of African fashion?
Sheba: I see it really taking over the world because is is currently trending on so many runways. I’m really happy to see that because, growing up in the states in the 90’s there was a time where you would may have gotten teased for wearing clothing that was blatantly African, Now the times have changed and that’s wonderful. People are a lot more proud of who they are. I just want to make sure that Africa gets the credit it deserves as oppose to our European counterparts.



CA: Did you study fashion design or are you self taught?
Sheba: I’m self taught. I studied art/animation in college so I do think that influences my work because I look at fashion as an art form 100%.

CA: How can we shop with your brand?
Sheba: Head on over to:

CA: How did you hear about Cocoa Africana?
Sheba: Kadesh Carter put me in the know 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 2.16.22 PM.png

logo big2.png

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