Skin Deep Beauty – Natural Solutions For Acne

By Kadesh Carter

••• Glowing skin is something that we all want. Who wouldn’t want their face to naturally look as though it has on foundation? For many, achieving clear skin is a journey that starts as early as 11, or twelve for some women. Puberty has hit, and uh-oh, a bump appears… then another… and another, until your cheeks and/or forehead is covered with acne.

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Typically due to timely marketing, the first products that we run to are those with three minute long commercials, or late night infomercials with actors, who the products may or may not have been used by and actually worked for, smiling about how the product has changed their lives. Convincing teens and adults that they will live happily ever after and acne free if they called for a “free sample” or asked their dermatologist for a prescription.

Glowing skin is something that we all want.

SweetRoseScrub 2.jpg

Many times if these commercials didn’t phase you, the attempt to clear skin with quick results ended up with side effects. While commercialized products can be potentially harmful (with the products not being around long enough, 10-20 years), home remedies can irritate the skin as well. Zit appeared out of nowhere? – Put a dab of toothpaste on it. Entire face breaking out? Witch hazel is the answer! More than one zit? Tea tree oil to the rescue. While all of these methods sound great, they may in fact cause redness, peeling, or over drying. Many quick fix solutions such as tea tree oil for acne is recommended to be mixed with a carrier product because it is important to know the proper way to dilute it to prevent further irritation. Unfortunately, not many may know this.

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The perfect formulated natural ingredients are what is needed to keep your face clear and glowing honestly. Beija Flor Naturals has a miraculous line of natural products that work from head to toe. For exfoliating the skin Sweet Rose Face and Body Scrub is recommended to face acne head on. One of the most important approaches to a skincare routine that is seeking results is exfoliation. Removal of dead skin and dry skin helps reduce build up which may cause acne. After exfoliating your skin refresh it with Beija Flor Naturals Amazon Antioxidant Treatment – this magical Brazilian butter blend not only combats the aging process it also fades acne related skin blemishes.

beauty-concept-beautiful-young-african-american-woman-happy-using-skin-care-cream-yellow-studio-background-copy-space_1258-1014 2.jpg

The perfect formulated natural ingredients are what is needed to keep your face clear and glowing honestly.

Have you tried Beija Flor Naturals yet? Visit them online at to see which product meets your skin care needs. Give them a try and like many around the globe you’ll be sure to love their products!

Kadesh Carter is a natural hair care lover and visual artist based out of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys all things aesthetically pleasing and adventurous.

Follow her journey on Instagram & Twitter: @KadeshCarter 

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