How To Celebrate The Holidays When You’re Not Into Holidays

By Kadesh Carter  |

For me, personally, I love the smells that are in the air. From the scents that represent particular holidays, to the foods that are cooked around this time of year. With my birthday being December 24th it is hard not to be in the holiday spirit so to speak.

Growing up birthdays were not always easy for me. Being that it was Christmas time most people were out of town or on vacation so my mother found it challenging to plan me birthday parties. I celebrated with her and she would always buy me that one gift that I really wanted along with other gifts. As I grew older I was introduced to half birthdays being celebrated. I thought since my half birthday was on June 24th it would be summer time, and easier to gather friends, and family over.

So it became a tradition. And, it worked. Now this was a great time that I really enjoyed as a child and as I became older I would plan to celebrate my actual birthday. By time I was at the age to legally enjoy champagne and wine. I made reservations in advance and notified family and friends about two months in advance. And the turn out would always be great.

Also around this time as an adult, I found myself becoming more spiritual, and holistic and no longer wanted to celebrate the holidays. But still respectful of others who did wish to celebrate, rather that it is for tradition or religious reasons.

I, like many others, believe in the greater good, and still don’t fully celebrate holidays. I do enjoy certain aspects of them, such as family visiting from afar, to the great foods as I previously mentioned. Finding myself considerably with one foot out, and one foot in, I had to create a balance. Recognizing things that I did appreciate.

Most stores, companies, and websites celebrate as we all know and are familiar with. From adding a Santa hat to their logos in December, to changing their them colors temporarily to green and red. The same would apply to other holidays such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Dia de los Muertos.

Things To Do During The Holiday Season

Visit Family – Many will have vacation time, or will be on winter break with plans of traveling to see those who they care about most. This is a great time to see someone that you miss being around.

Take Advantage Of Sales – There are stores from large department size, to local brick and mortar shops that will be selling items at a discounted price. Seasonal items such as coats will be marked down.

Travel To A Country With A Warmer Climate – Going to a another country does not have to happen only during the summer. Flights are cheaper and there are fewer tourist during our winter months in other places.

Go Ice Skating – Though there are ice rinks that are open year round, many places build temporary rinks for those who don’t live where it snows.

Plan Your Summer Vacation – Why not? Months in advance is a good time to see what flights are reasonable in price, and hotels. It will be fun and something to look forward to.

Host A Dinner Party – Who doesn’t like fancy drinks, good hor d’oeuvres, and getting dressed up? Oh yes is pulling out that lbd (little black dress), with your faux fur, or trench coat to make an entrance. I know that I do! And if you are not into the fancy scene, host a vegan dinner party. You can request that attendees do get dressed, or you can suggest it be a casual gathering.

Yellow trench coat
Buy A Bright Colored Trench Coat With Rain Boots To Match – ‘Tis the season to keep dry, and sometimes wearing black just isn’t what you would like to do. When shopping during the winter colors are darker such as blacks, greys, browns, and burn oranges. If you are someone who likes a bit more of color in her life, go for it! Look online, or check out fashionable retailers to see who has brighter colored trench coats to select from. Don’t forget the boots! Colored boots, some even with a wedged heel have been on the rise. Match colors or mix them up.

Create A DIY Spa night – Going out into the cold rain after work, school or a long day of tending to family may not interest you. But you still may desire to relax. Facial masks have become more and more popular with prices ranging from 1.99 to $40.00 catering to all budgets and skin types. Run a hot bath and place aromatherapy scents or candles (in a safe place) around, paint your nails, soak your feet in lavender Epson salt, and last but not least create a hair mask.

Host A Game Night – Do you remember how much fun it was as a kid to play Life, Monopoly and other board games? There are now cultural nostalgia-filled games such as Black Card Revoked. History games, and many others that exercise your brain and make you smarter.

Visit An Adult Playground – Designed for fun and condition building. From yoga, to rock climbing, to sports being indoors when the weather is changing, doesn’t have to be boring. Much activity will even help you build your summer body over winter.


Enjoy your holiday season this year and every year, it doesn’t have to be the exact way that everyone else is. Delight yourself and create lasting memories.


Kadesh Carter is a visual artist, and freelance designer based out of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys all things aesthetically pleasing and adventurous.

Instagram & Twitter: @KadeshCarter


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