ANDI TENDAJI the Cultural Entrepreneur is an ambitious, compassionate, magnetic, passionate, visionary. Innovative yet bold, supportive community member has a contagious soulful and adventurous spirit.



Tendaji is KiSwahili and it means “Make Things Happen.” Culture Entrepreneurship encompasses finances and fashion which consist of legacy building education catered to the Black American community, IMPACTINGSUSU™, and the emerging African inspired lifestyle brand, KINPHOLKS™.

At turning 30, Andi Tendaji began to come to life in Oakland a few years after her transition out of the United States Navy. As she began to embrace the concept of the African of the Diaspora and adopting certain African customs aligned around mindset, spiritual and heritage. Beginning to hone her own artistic expression with African inspired language, wardrode, head wraps and jewelry. Everything began to fall into place. Like mosaic piece the term Culture Entrepreneur appeared, then she was introduced to the idea of collective/group economics and the financial custom known SuSu. Lastly with the incorporation of African attire into her own world, the vision was solidified. Andi’s transition from military to civilian accounts for her keen ability to persevere, organize, administer, strategize, research, self-care, and connecting-the-dots.

African culture, fashion and customs brings life to her ideas for example KINPHOLKS™ tag line is “Where Heritage Meets Style.” As her vision has matured it’s been like a canvas forming. “I begin with intentions which have been created from personal research and the analyzing of the negro’s disparity intellectually. Then to make things happen I incorporate the passion that’s birthed from those studies. It fuels me, allowing me to gain momentum and bring my visions to life.” Speaks Andi joyfully.

KINPHOLKS™ is a project that works to bridge Africa and the lands of African of the Diaspora and assist in globalizing the concept of “Made in Africa” via fashion. Andi aims to bring light manufacturing back into the continent of Africa. Projections from 2014 has the manufacturing output at 1.5% competitively it needs to be at least 20%. Which would surpass China by 2.5% following short by 2% of the United States 22% projections. This will allow global support, of exporting and importing of African manufacturing and productions.  Through IMPACTING SUSU™ the end goal is to be the blueprint for a chain financial institutions.

Make Things Happen

Ideal clients for Andi are Black Millennials & Generation X’ers whom are trendsetters, education enthusiasts, media influencers, social activist and content creators. They are driven by cultural and ethnic awareness and are making gains and upending outdated stereotypes on multiple fronts. They are loyal cultural enthusiast, aspiration of holding leadership values who appreciate deep rooted traditions. They are trend-igniters, brand builders and use fashion to represent who they are. They wish to celebrate their ethnic diversity in a relevant way.

Art allows Andi the ability to expression her true self. A unique narration can compared to an individuals fingerprint. “It’s uniquely yours. Fashion is my art. I am art.” Andi exclaims. “Through culture I am able to connect with my heritage, allows me to dibble and dabble into everything African that screams heritage and pride. Culture birthed my confidence.” She continues.

With entrepreneurship she is able to focus on and assist with the holistic legacy of culture through African’s of the Diaspora – cultural sustainability.

“My lifestyle brand will not have life without support. Cocoa Africana allows me to collaborate and network with others, building KINPHOLKS. I will be in direct connection to other creative entrepreneurs thus I can patronize us more efficiently and effectively. I love the concept of In-House collaboration. In gist, as I’m in the in the stages of launching, a platform to use verses solo sets me up for success. The exposure is also much larger.” Andi states speaking of the digital magazine CA.