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Cocoa Africana is a digital publication featuring women covering global Africana lifestyles, design, and eclectic cultures. A unique lookbook capturing the beauty of believing in dreams, pursuing passions, and sharing that love with the world. The women featured are based in the Bay Area region of Northern California with various professional backgrounds combined with creativity being a part of their everyday worlds. Working within the surrounding cities of the area and travelling while enjoying the careers that they love. Cocoa Africana is a woman of inspiration, ambition, with the desire to share her passion for artistry, design lifestyle, culture, beauty & entrepreneurship. We love hearing from all of our global supporters so feel free to drop us a line with your thoughts by emailing Thank you for returning, Cocoa Africana Team xoxo

Financial Spring Cleaning, Anyone?

By Andi Tendaji – April means that spring is officially here. Taxes are due. Flowers begin to bloom. And, it’s National Financial Literacy Month. Floating around our world wide web, one can find various definitions among plentiful resources in reference to financial literacy. With the core of it being, the knowledge and understanding of personal finance. However, […]