Oasis Art Design

Oasis Art Design is a consulting and directing company leading the concept/vision of business locations and creative enthusiasts. Consulting to improve and enhance. Complete curating with the elements of design for artists, collectors and companies. Located in Oakland, working directly with artists, art galleries, brands, small businesses, and tech companies locally, as well as in Atlanta, Zimbabwe, and Ghana. Bringing expressive symbolism to life. Our unique approach is to provide creative visual communication. Overseeing the artistic directing process, and giving guidance to new beginnings of any space. The imagined is inevitable with Oasis Art Design. Oasis Art Design will consult and curate your company professionally. Consulting & Directing Partner with Oasis Art Design to convey. A team of consultants who specialize in a specific area's of business management possessing strong research and analytical skills to stand out in our profession by helping our clients reach their goals. Providing expertise and advice to organizations to help them improve their business performance in terms of design management, and structure. Every day, you’ll leverage end-to-end potentiality in concept, strategy, and operations to help transform your company to a leading organization in your field. We execute being more than advisers, by working through the origin of our clients’ organizations and addressing the most multiplex contentions. Building credibility via transparency, relevance and concise relationships with both colleagues and clients. Connecting Professional Artists With Spaces That Desire Specific Types Of Art. Providing modern art, digital graphics, oil paintings, watercolor, photography, and sculpture fine art to businesses and private collectors. With our professional artists directory we make collecting art a great experience. Select from a wide range of small pieces that would look great above your mantle, collector series, to grand scale mixed media works to catch the eye at entrance.