COLLAB: Entrepreneurs & Artists Network


COLLAB: Entrepreneurs & Artists Network  presented by Oasis Art Design is a Bay Area platform of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists who through a web of interactions are galleries, tech/media companies, lounges, boutiques and small business programs. The COLLABoration series includes networking socials, business sustainability presentations and classes, craft pop up workshop, local independent films, and art shows. “COLLAB @ Level 13 is a networking event that is held each First Friday at Level 13 in Oakland, CA, composed of networking and various genres of entertainment. Catering to the neighboring community, surrounding city, extending to the entire Bay Area to make COLLAB their premier destination.

The entrepreneurship purpose of COLLAB is to provide exposure to businesses and brands as well as and increase the ability of resources to help entrepreneurs thrive. The artistry purpose of COLLAB is to preserve independent arts in Oakland, the Bay Area, and beyond.

By attending COLLAB entrepreneurs and artists will also have the opportunity join the collective Oasis Art Design. No COLLAB event is exactly the same to create a space of respecting individuality.

Oasis Art Design is a consulting and directing company based in Oakland, CA and has curated several shows within the Bay Area, and is a premier contact for collectors when seeking specific art for their home or business. Art collectors will findart work on display at on site ofbrick and mortar businesses that are a part of the COLLAB network. Focusing on artists who are both self taught, as well as those who have developed skills by educational development.

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