Jeneé Reed

Jeneé Reed as a determined, and goal oriented entrepreneur with the ability to look beyond the basics. Once she puts her mind to something, she makes a way for it to happen. There may be obstacles in life, but she will get it done. Thriving on accomplishing new goals and doing new things in life. With a natural, welcoming personality that is fun, and outgoing. Jeneé loves to meet new people in different settings.

Her accomplishments, whether it be personal, family, career, education, or business have come from setting goals and shooting for the stars. She thrives on setting and achieving targets.

Her creative passion is creating candy catering for events and party design. She loves almost anything with a design aspect to it but has narrowed my profession to desserts. “I believe I have always been one for creative event design. I have always loved the idea of entertaining guests,” she says. Starting in high school with hosting parties which developed to a full on passionate catering company business owner as an adult.

Goal oriented entrepreneur with ability to look beyond the basics.

Believing that when you build on new concepts they become a reality. “I love new innovative themes and my goal is to create something new and enticing every time. I love to go above and beyond for my clients, as best to my abilities,” she openly admits. Sometimes your work can speak louder than your words and Jeneé always wants her work to be grand.

The next goal the entrepreneur has is to step out on faith and take her business to the next level of becoming more that just candy catering. Taking risks is a part of the business and sometimes the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Working on her dream to own one of the US larges candy store with a creative sales office for candy catering.

What she loves the most about art and design is the idea of being able to be creative and express yourself in various ways. While, when it comes to the entrepreneurship side, being able to run a successfully business of your own is just as important. “Being an entrepreneur allows you to learn so many things and be able to meet so many people in your field as well as similar fields” says Jeneé.

The reason Jeneé is a part of Cocoa Africana is because she strongly believes in collaboration and the importance of artists coming together, to show their work, learn from each other and build a community of long lasting professional and personal relationships. “I believe in women uplifting and encouraging of each other. This collaboration will help build a strong community of women to help one other build in many ways.”

“I believe in women uplifting and encouraging each other.” – JR

Visit Jeneé’s Candy Buffet & Design company Sweet Wonders here.


Instagram: @sweetwondersdesign