Kadesh Carter is a networking powerhouse consultant, director, and designer with a passion for curating and engaging people to grow their personal essence. Her recent projects include working for a media label, art galleries, managing lifestyle boutiques, being a freelance business owner and artist consultant. A passionate visual artist, lover of design born in California. She began her professional career in banking but knew that she needed to be in a field where she could truly help people through design lifestyle and be hands on with providing professional advice that could directly coach individuals, businesses, and brands to see results.


Entrepreneurship was the answer

She gained experience in marketing, community engagement, financial advisory in her 7 ½ years of banking, starting as a teller and being promoted to marketing/account manager. Her creative passions includes painting, curating gallery spaces, art shows, and designing jewelry. Leaving the corporate world of banking allowed Kadesh to contemplate, how could she creatively thrive and be happy instead of waking up and dreading going to a 9 -5. Entrepreneurship was the answer. After finance she explored curating art shows and business locations, as well as creative directing which lead to companies taking notice in areas of the world from her home town of Oakland, to Atlanta, and as far as reaching West Africa & Zimbabwe. In learning that artistry is both a gift and an exploration, she gained a “go for it” attitude which has allowed design projects to continue to thrive, and flow.

Creating helps develop a sight for beautiful things

From the start of her work career Kadesh held an appreciation for art business, community, and global cultures. “The way we express ourselves is a language that can be universally understood, just as art is a language that is meant to be communicated. I believe in visual communication with everything that I do, and that art is life and life is art. When working with businesses, or artists I believe in lifestyle design – which is the concept of virtually designing life by the decisions we make daily.” Encouraging individuals to expand beyond their usual paradigm and to reach for new galaxies. Becoming a desired and requested “go to” business and artists’ advisor.

Creating helps develop a sight for beautiful things that were always around but just needed the pieces to be connected. Therefore, it is that in connecting the vision to the action, her audacious goal is to always remain creative. Enjoying the uniqueness of personalities and growth from groupthink, collaborating with other’s is what drives her.

Lifestyle design – which is the concept of virtually designing life by the decisions we make daily

Growing up in Oakland, CA is an experience like no other. A birthplace for fly and fearless women who are in her family, encouraging her from a young age to love her creativity and yet versatile opinion. The city is also a birthplace for everyday people who have become her network and personal role models. In recent years,  the city has become a demographic where many natives have moved, Kadesh takes pride in being able to work with others like herself who were born there as well as people who are newly making the city home.  The Bay Area which makes up a cluster of surrounding cities is very culturally diverse, the base of Silicon Valley, and a world influencer of many mediums, thus amplifying her appreciation for its eclectic mixture. It would be a given to say that she truly appreciates global arts, culture, beauty, and lifestyle. Kadesh founded Cocoa Africana after an epiphany that Africana culture was what defined her personal life connections to concepts, friendships, and business.

Website: http://www.oasisartdesign.com
Instagram: @cocoa.nova
Twitter: @cocoa_nova