Lylian Muttakyawa


Lylian Muttakyawa is a grateful, giddy, growing nurse,fitness coach and model.

She believes that an attitude of gratitude has been one of the most essential elements in keeping ones life in perspective. Her contagious spirits tends to bring  a giddy sense of humor to every process of improvement she engages in. With the intention to grow daily, Lylian says that she has to be able to laugh at herself in order to keep her sanity (in a good way).

Finding creative passion in bright bold colorful healthy words. Words like HOPE help her sail through life. “I am a word person. A words and a bright color kind of person. Whether I am venturing in fashion accessory sales, nursing others to health in a busy hospital environment, penning some new poetry, or posting another motivational piece on my Facebook feed the mission is one and the same.  And it is simple. Inspire myself and hence the world around me to dream and hope again. Say it with me: I am a leader – I get to change lives beginning with my own.”

Cocoa Africana: When did you fall in love with your craft?
LM: Now the fluid nature of being an encourager makes it difficult to pinpoint one moment where the falling into love with it happened. I can, however, identify a critical turning point, a crisis point, or as Les Brown describes it a point when Murphy’s Law decided to pay me a visit. How is it that crisis has the power to unearth such greatness and awaken the sleeping giant within us? When Murphy’s law struck me in the form of a divorce it struck hard. Remember how I talked about gratitude helping me keep things in perspective? Well, turns out that slap was just what I needed as a wake up call – I thought I had been living my dream when indeed I was living in the status quo. Something had to change. I had to start working out. I had to start speaking words of affirmation over myself. I had to get counseling. I had to fall in love with becoming an encourager. My life depended on it. I was falling in love with this mission of being a giver of hope.

Words of empowerment are Lylian’s building blocks.

As she celebrates the invitation her inner man (or woman) has given her to discover who she is. “When working on any venture I decide how I want to feel, how I hope others will feel at the end of it then I trace my way backwards and start building. It’s one of the truest forms I know to be myself. How does this play out practically? Say for example I am attending an evening gala and I need to find an outfit.

Step one:  Envision the feeling I would like to inspire in myself and others.
Step two: Pick one piece and create an outfit or atmosphere around it.
Step three: Do it with excellence and keep it fun.”

Though Lylians grand audacious goal has not crystallized yet but she believe it’s looks and sounds like her finding a way of her own to live out all inner passions at one point or another. “My belief that in order to be successful one must focus on doing one thing well is being challenged by the Empire State of mind that says “Embrace all the different nuances that make you you and give them a creative outlet. Yes do it all. Have fun and do it with excellence.””

One of the things that Lylian says that she is most grateful for is the ease with which she can connect to people and connect them to their true value. “I love identifying the personality color and language of people so to speak. Are they a bold blue or a cool red? Perhaps an inquisitive green? I have come to learn that each connection is actually an invitation for us to know ourselves better.” The more connected she feels to herself and God the better suited she is to connect to neighbors.

In working with various clients Cocoa Africana asks who is the exemplary individual to work with. She answered by saying that  her ideal client is, “Someone inquisitive and open. Team set-in-your-ways tends not to do very well around me. Whether I am selling a Kokuvogue fashion piece or coaching people to a healthier version of themselves I work best with those who have had enough of the status quo and ready themselves to do the work of embracing hope, boldness , and standing out in a positive way.”

The complexity and diversity of culture and entrepreneurship are a source of continual joy and inquisition for Lylian. Exclaiming that, “There’s room for everyone at that table. In art, culture, and entrepreneurship all we have to do is find our niche or create one.”

Her passion is collaboration for the greater good. “We accomplish so much more together by joining our collective crafts and voices to empower people all over the world,” she states. Lylian also believes that “Cocoa Africana is fresh, bold and colorful and is rightly positioned to empower women in the Bay Area and beyond to rise up and live out their dreams.”

Cocoa Africana asked what the multi talented woman of dreams is most proud of and she gave an authentic answer. “I am most proud of my heritage. I come from a set of two strong, loving Haya parents full of resolve and a work ethic like no other. Knowing their blood flows through my veins reminds me everyday to live out my greatness. Say it with me: I am a leader, I get to change lives, beginning with my own. Thank you.”