Nekeya Iyanna


A Reflective, Loyal, Humorous, Thinker. Nekeya is a seeker of knowledge, a lover of global cultures. A world citizen, historian, Black Muslim woman, who enjoys cooking, and learning through the understandings of faith. With a passion that is preparing homemade organic healthy whole foods. Nekeya loves to look up recipes and prepare them. A woman who loves to see the look of joy on someones face as they enjoy eating food she prepared. It gives her a feeling of pleasure knowing that she created something not only healthy but also tasty! She always add a heaping helping of love to any dish I create. “I believe  it’s important for people to know how easy, inexpensive, and delicious eating a more healthier diet can be. We can still eat our comfort foods and treats we just need to be mindful of how they are prepared and how much of them we eat.” She teaches.

Since she can remember, Nekeya has always loved cooking. As a child she would spend time cooking with her grandmother. “She is an excellent cook, makes anything taste  heavenly. She made her own food, I can count on one hand how many times I ever saw my grandmother eat out or cook from a box or can. As I grew older I would try to prepare her recipes and add my own twist.” Shares Nekeya. It could be declared that she fell in love with cooking at a young age.

When cooking chef Nekeya looks to real food and flavor. “I don’t believe good whole healthy foods have to be tasteless. I also pull from my own and other cultural foods. I believe there is a misconception that to eat healthy means abandoning one’s cultural foods and flavors. That type of mindset can often times deter people from wanting to implement a healthier diet into their lifestyle. It’s a fear of the unknown and unfamiliar. This is just untrue and unnecessary!  Many times people equate healthy with flavorless and foods that they’ve never eaten before. Sometimes this is true but in the beginning of changing eating habits , I think it’s a good idea to start with foods and dishes  that you know and love. There are so many flavorful and nutritious recipes straight from our own “back-yards”. When I’m cooking I try to create dishes that have a feel of home and comfort with a healthy twist!”

As life continues she dedicates herself to using her gifts to be of service to others in a positive and beneficial way. Thinking and observing for the best outcome. Reaching out to people who are beginning their journey of learning how to cook wholesome food and those who are already on the journey but would like some more tips.

Art is interpretation through the eyes.

Nekeya is intrigued by culture because it’s what binds and brings people together. Stating, “Art is interpretation through the eyes of the artist and the eyes of the audience. Entrepreneurship is a means of empowerment and being of service to others. All of them are examples of self expression.” Collaborating on various community platform which has given her the opportunity to showcase my gifts and support other women showcasing their’s.