Zoe, pronounced like Moe

Chiriga Moore adopted the nickname Zoe when she performed spoken word after graduating high school. Following a performance a friend expressed their love for Chiriga’s “Zone of Energy.” Upon entering the Army in 1999, the name stuck and a Woman determined to be a diligent, curious and critical thinker was unleashed.  

Throughout her Army career Zoe gained experienced having four different operational specialities. She was a civil affairs specialist, combat photographer, surgical assistant and information technology specialist, a job that produced her undergraduate degree in IT management and experience at the National Security Agency (NSA) in Baltimore, MD.. She credits her ability to learn quickly with her diverse career and exposure to adventures most civilians would never experience.

Honorably discharged from the United States Army in March of 2014, Zoe attended culinary school at Stratford University in Baltimore, MD. Quickly realizing that while she loved to cook, Her ability to lead and organize creative minds from the front was a better match for her personality.

In August 2014, she moved back to her hometown Sunnyvale, CA and began attending CSU East Bay to pursue a Masters in Hospitality Management. Prior to completing the program she settled in Oakland, CA and was offered a job paying a less than desirable rate. Undefeated, Zoe completed her degree and decided to start her own business endeavor, exploring her love for live music, good food and interacting with interesting people she explored event management.

LOTUSbaseline Alliance is a robust project that is on a mission to increase diversity in the meetings and event industry. As an organization, several small business owners with event management experience advocate and support one another with a collaborative spirit. While she establishes her team and strategy in support of LB Alliance, she does business as Cultivate Event Artistry & Design. Borrowing the term “DOER-PRENEUR” Zoe offers services ranging from event coordination, photography, consulting and so much more. Cultivate Event Artistry & Design is all about the creative mind, entrepreneur & small business owner determined to overcome obstacles in order to grow.

Audacious as it may seem, Zoe hopes that LB Alliance will grow to be a globally recognized organization and that clients like Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey will request event planners that are people of color from within the organization’s network. Constantly generating ideas Zoe joins Cocoa Africana as part of the editorial team in addition to her desire to host events for all the empowering Women she will meet contributing to this project.

Proud to be  an apt pupil, open book, and working for herself, Zoe also lends support to Livanthropy, a non-profit organization based in Oakland, CA. Spearheaded by 9 year old, Olivia Henry, the non-profits mission is to empower kids to give back to their communities. As a Mother herself, Zoe is building a legacy for her 12 year old son and knows the mission will make an impact locally and globally.

Email: info@lotusbaeline.com
Facebook: Cultivate2Sustain
Instagram: @cultivate2sustain
Twitter: @cultivate510